JANA formed the band "JANA and the REBELS" August 2014.

JANA: "I began writing lyrics at the young age of eight years old. 
I write and sing from my heart and am mostly inspired by real life situations; whether they are my own or someone else's. I grew up in a rural area of Southwest Kansas , so the opportunities to be discovered were slim. There were so many positive experiences that went along with growing up in a small town. I have been loved by the best and hurt by the worst, and eventually came out with a learning that awakened my heart to appreciate when something is good. Life gives us trials and challenges, but our outcome is based on how we choose to handle situations. I have been awakened by people I love either walking away or passing on.
 I have been on the roller coaster a few times and used to refer to those uncomfortable experiences as mistakes, but realized that it was meant for me to learn something from each of them. The path I have taken is not to be remembered as negativity or dwelled upon, but as the formation of who I am; a strong, independent woman who has learned how to cherish love, be compassionate to others, and to appreciate the good that I am blessed to endure. Had it not been for my amazingly, wonderful family, I would have missed out on the many blessings that were meant for me. My awesome children have raised me well. It’s intriguing to know they were all raised with the same standards and have each become their own unique, individual person with different morals and beliefs. I am honored to have them in my life. Through them, I have learned not to judge, but to accept and appreciate that unique individuality represents the opportunities for changes to take place.
We get into relationships that leave us breathless and wondering if it is reality or a dream, we give our whole hearts to another to learn the feeling is not mutual, we analyze to figure out what went wrong, and somewhere in there we lose who we are. Picking up the pieces, adjusting, accepting, and whatever challenges you face are all part of learning from experiences. I hope you find strength, courage, and belief in yourself after listening to my songs. Thank you for your support... "

Videos 9-29-2015

Band Spotlight: JANA